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Alstom Transport S.A. (France, 75 % in the share capital)

CJSC Transmashholding (Russia, 25% in the share capital)  


Alstom (heretofore - GEC-Alsthom) (Euronext: ALO) — one of the biggest French engineering company, one of the world leader (along with Siemens and Bombardier) to produce the power engineering equipment and railway transport. The head office is located in Levallua-Perre (France).

31 % of Alstom stock is subject to French construction company – Bouygues, 60% of stock - institutional investor, 7,5 % - private shareholder, 1,5 % - employees. The company performs the production of power generating equipment, railway locomotives, high-speed electric trains, speedy electric trains, tramcar, and electric separator for the production.

The operating companies of TGV, Thalys and Eurostar of speedy trains use the high-speed electric trains of TGV series. Speedy electric trains of Pendolino series are used by the operating companies of speedy trains such as Eurostar Italia, Virgin Trains, Suomen Valtion Rautatiet (VR) (Finland). Since 2007, it has been started the manufacture of the first design of the speedy electric trains of Allegro series of Pendolino trains in order of company Karelian Trans LTD, jointly enterprise Suomen Valtion Rautatiet (VR) (Finland) and Russian railways.

X 72500 disel train made of Alstom are operated all over France. The booking of the company for 31st of March 2009 was 45, 67 billion euro (rate is raised to 16% compared with the previous year). Sales proceeds for the financing year in the end of March 31, 2010 made 19, 7 billion euro (one year earlier – 18, 7 billion euro), net profit was – 1,2 billion euro (1,1 billion euro).

Based on the materials, the Free encyclopedia: http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alstom


CJSC Transmashholding is the biggest Russian company in the transport engineering industry, the world’s leader in railway engineering in actual volume of production. Transmashholding is the largest supplier of rolling stock for the world's biggest transportation company – JSC Russian Railways. Products of the enterprises of the Company are operated in dozens of countries in all climatic zones of the world.

The enterprise was established in April 15, 2002. The only nominee shareholder is Breakers Investments BV (Netherlands). Among the owners is Alstom Transport, French engineering group.

Transmashholding specialists consider that the main purpose of their work is to provide its partners and customers with modern and efficient rolling stock. Creating of the most comfortable environment for passengers, conditions for rapid and uninterrupted delivery of freight, decent working conditions for railway workers and metro workers) are the principles that our designers use.

The primary mission of the company is to fully unlock creativity and professional potential of the staff. We strive to preserve over than century old traditions of the Russian engineering and to ensure its dynamic development according to the modern world. That is why in Transmashholding we pay great deal of attention to introduction of new quality and safety standards, new production technologies and working relations.

The main goals of the development that Transmashholding identified for itself for the coming years are to create conditions for continuous training of personnel and improvement of professional skills of employees, modernization of production and the transition to the most advanced principles of work organization, formation of support for the manufactured products throughout entire life cycle, development of the modern industrial culture and procurement of high and stable quality of our products.

Based on the materials of the official website of CJSC «Transmashholding»: http://www.tmholding.ru/

About company

The purpose of this production is the renewal of the rolling traction of Kazakhstan, as well as the promising export products to the CIS countries. The resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2009, the organization of production of electric locomotives was recognized as a strategic investment project...


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