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Electrovoz Kurastyru Zauyty

In 2013, the management of “Electrovoz kurastyru zauyty” LLP made a decision on need of development, implementation and certification of quality management system (QMS) of the enterprise in accordance with requirements of the International standard ISO 9001:2008 through seven stages:

Stage 1: Managers decision;

Stage 2: Training of the staff;

Stage 3: Creation of implementation program of QMS;

Stage 4: Name, description and optimization of the business – processes;

Stage 5: Development of the normative documents of Quality Management System;

Stage 6: Testing of Quality Management System and internal audits;

Stage 7: Certification of QMS.

During creation of QMS the enterprise guided by main rules of quality management, formed in ISO 9000: standard.

  1. Consumer orientation;
  2. Management leadership;
  3. Employee’s involvement;
  4. Process approach;
  5. Systemic approach to management;
  6. Continuous improvement;
  7. Making decisions based on facts;
  8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationship

Work package had been performed, which affected on the different aspects of enterprise activities and sub – systems of the strategic management, manufacturing system, logistic system, staff management, internal communication, document management etc..

The certification audit of the enterprise had been performed since October 5 to 9. The auditors of company BUREAU VERITAS checked compliance with enterprise QMS by requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 International standard. "Electric kurastyru zauyty" LLP received a certificate of conformity.

Quality analysis of expectance is number one priority at work of the enterprise, besides customer’s satisfaction to the quality of produced product.

The staff of enterprise have a purpose to strengthen a competitiveness with the way of providing the products which are guaranteed safe, unique and compliance to all standard of the product, developed on innovational technologies. The successful development and improvement of enterprise QMS fully understands of the staff about value of the produced activities, contribution of each team employee as execution of work.

The next step of the enterprise will be:

- continuous analysis and QMS improvement;

- decrease of expenses at all stages of product life cycle;

- increase of expenses (increase the market share and appropriate volume of sale); (or decrease of expenses for “bad quality”);

- improve the company management with the way of increasing the validity and making a decision.

- decrease of transactional expenses and as a result, certification of the enterprise on compliance of requirements of the International standard of the railway industry – IRIS.

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About company

The purpose of this production is the renewal of the rolling traction of Kazakhstan, as well as the promising export products to the CIS countries. The resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2009, the organization of production of electric locomotives was recognized as a strategic investment project...


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