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The Type KZ8A freight electric locomotives

The two-section Type KZ8A is designed for freight operations, hauling trailing loads of up to 9,000 tonnes. It has asynchronous traction motors, a power rating of 8,800 kW, a Bo'Bo'+Bo'Bo' axle arrangement, and is designed for operation off 25 kV AC 50 Hz electrification systems, on the 1,520 mm gauge network.

For the first time on a locomotive built for use in Kazakhstan, the KZ8A is equipped with an automatic eco-driving system. This protects the driver from making mistakes through human error, and also ensures that the power and brake applications are made at the most appropriate times to save energy consumption.

Multiple operation is possible with other KZ8A sections. This enables all sections to be controlled by the driver, from one cab. The driving console thus displays on high resolution coloured screens all the operational and diagnostic characteristics of the other locomotive sections coupled in the formation. The locomotive control system also realises self-diagnoses of systems, and immediately reports any defects or failures to the driver via the console displays. Should a problem be reported, the driver is able to adjust the operating regime to one of the stand-by systems, via the controls on the driving console, and maintain the same speed of the train.

The locomotive crew has the safest and most comfortable working environment possible. The cabs are equipped with air conditioning, heating, comfortable and ergonomic upholstered driving seats, together with a refrigerator and microwave. Personal needs are not forgotten – a fully-equipped WC cubicle is also provided on board the locomotive.

The Type KZ8A Electric Locomotive: Principal Technical Data

Type of service


Axle configuration

Bo'Bo'+ Bo'Bo'



Track gauge

1,520 mm

Loading gauge

compliance GOST 9238-83 1-Т

Overall length

2 х 17,500 mm


5,290 mm

Weight in working order with sand boxes 2/3 full

2 x 100 tonnes


25 tonnes

Ambient temperature range

-50ºC to +40ºC


Traction motors

Three-phase, asynchronous, suspended from axles

Wheel diameter

1,250 mm

Automatic couplings:


СА-3, in compliance with GOST 21447

Absorption of impact energy

35 kJ

Automatic train protection (ATP) system



Technical data

One-hour power rating at shaft

8,800 kW

Electrification system

25 kV AC 50 Hz

Maximum speed

120 km/h

Speed at continuous power rating

50 km/h

Starting tractive effort

833 kN

Regenerative braking

7 600 kW

Maximum braking force

500 kN

Electric traction motors

Type asynchronous



3.3 kV / 1,200 A

DC bus line

1800 V



On-board sub-systems

Supply voltage for on-board systems

400 V AC 50 Hz

Accumulator batteries:




110 V


130 Аh

About company

The purpose of this production is the renewal of the rolling traction of Kazakhstan, as well as the promising export products to the CIS countries. The resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2009, the organization of production of electric locomotives was recognized as a strategic investment project...


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